Gioia Avvantaggiato

Gioia Avvantaggiato is the multi faceted chief executive of GA&A, a distributor and producer driven by a passion for her work, a vocal advocate of the industry in Italy, an active member of the international media community and holds a Reed Midem platinum card to prove it.

She earned her stripes a long time ago at RAI TRADE where she headed international coproduction and distribution. She moved on to run development and coproduction at ERRE, then a leading theatrical producer.

But never one to hold back, Gioia decided in 1990 to be her own boss and created GA&A and in short order had turned the company into one of the leading independent production and distribution companies in Italy, with a staff of 13 and a catalogue that is constantly being refreshed. She mentors and tutors young distributors, runs the Doc&Factual Agora and is a pillar of APT. She is always on the lookout for the next challenge and seems to be blissfully ignorant that a day only has 24 hours and a week 7 days.

But there is one thing that the peripatetic Gioia refuses to be challenged by and that is the quality of coffee outside Italy. She therefore never leaves home without her own personal moka machine.

Foto di Gioia Avvantaggiato President & C.E.O.

tel: +39 06 3613480
fax: +39 06 3614042