Over 2000 years ago, Rome conquered the World. GA&A is today still at it! Over the last 3 decades, we have become one of the top content suppliers for Italian broadcasters across all genres: from nonfiction and documentary to children’s programmes and from comedy and drama series to films. We also release documentaries theatrically and work with the international market to distribute the best of Italian documentary and factual production.

GA&A Italy

From documentary, to fiction and kids programming, we co-produce, pre-buy, buy programmes both from the domestic and the international market, for television, home video, and theatrical release. We scout and scour the international scene for stories that make our clients’ hearts beat faster, their blood course through their veins and deliver great ratings. We are your partner: we know what works here, and we make it work.




GA&A International

We are Romans, Italians and citizens of the world! We distribute around the world, partner up with the top Italian and international producers to get the best content seen by the most people. We attend most international trade events. We are selling tomorrow’s entertainment, whatever platform it will be on, whatever medium now known or hereafter devised.

Catalogue for international distribution

The Old Elephant Route

The Old Elephant Route is an adventure into some of the world's most vast, unexplored wilderness, and follows Prajna Chowta, a ...

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