About us

We are a bunch of passionate, stubborn idealists who love what they do.

It all happened by chance, as often in life. What do you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a chemical engineer and set dolls and crochet aside to concoct strange and sometimes disgusting mixtures with the Little Chemist Box. I also played with a puppet theatre but got so engrossed in the stories that I ended up directing my young friends and got them to move the wooden characters on stage.

It must have been karma because what is it being a producer and a distributor if not a more mature application of those early days’ experiments. And experimenting remains the biggest drive in our lives.

So, if you have projects that need developing and producing, or finished films, docs, kids programming that need to find a home in Italy or elsewhere and you want more than the average distributor or producer, our door is always open and freshly brewed coffee or pink drinks (depending on the time of the day) will always be expecting you. Because it takes two at least to share a vision and doing it while having a bit of fun gets the best results.

- Gioia


Love your work and you will never have to work a single day’s in your life…or so they say. And GA&A loves its work!

GA&A Productions is a unique proposition in the Italian landscape because we combine production and distribution. We represent some of the best international programme catalogues and producers in Italy and are one of the top content suppliers for national broadcasters. We also release feature docs theatrically whilst working with the international market to distribute the best of Italian documentary and factual production worldwide.

From current affair to entertainment, from serial productions to the creation documentary for the room, over the years we have successfully experimented in many directions, combining the quality of the products with the added value of our work.

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Gioia Avvantaggiato

President & Executive Producer

Gioia Avvantaggiato is the multi faceted chief executive of GA&A, a distributor and producer driven by a passion for her work, a vocal advocate of the industry in Italy, an active member of the international media community and holds a Reed Midem platinum card to prove it.

She earned her stripes a long time ago at RAI TRADE where she headed international coproduction and distribution. She moved on to run development and coproduction at ERRE, then a leading theatrical producer.

But never one to hold back, Gioia decided in 1990 to be her own boss and created GA&A and in short order had turned the company into one of the leading independent production and distribution companies in Italy, with a staff of 13 and a catalogue that is constantly being refreshed. She mentors and tutors young distributors, runs the Doc&Factual Agora and is a pillar of APT. She is always on the lookout for the next challenge and seems to be blissfully ignorant that a day only has 24 hours and a week 7 days.

But there is one thing that the peripatetic Gioia refuses to be challenged by and that is the quality of coffee outside Italy. She therefore never leaves home without her own personal moka machine.

tel: +39 06 3613480
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: gioia.avvantaggiato@gaea.it
Foto di Gioia Avvantaggiato

Massimo Peri


In a company founded by a woman and full of women, Massimo is in charge of GA&A’s finances. His everyday life is unpredictable and never boring. Whilst his head is constantly in the figures and on the inflexible accounting rules, his heart lies with his real passions. Diving and Cooking.

- Diving, because the only sound you hear is your own breath and the creatures that cross your path look at you with surprise.

- Cooking, because he loves to create and experiment with new dishes and daring to merge different and unexpected flavours that he then shares with friends.

tel: +39 06 3613480
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: massimo.peri@gaea.it
Foto di Massimo Peri

Acquisitions and Sales

Simona Cesaroni

Head of Sales and Acquisitions

Simona Cesaroni, Roman, of Irish adoption for three years, has worked in sales for GA & A since 2009.

Remote control always in her hand, Simona is a careful explorer of the universe of lifestyle programming and  of drama series.

A natural Gourmet soul, go with her and you will not go wrong even for just a breakfast.

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext.: 212
mob: +39 335 8713588
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: simona.cesaroni@gaea.it
Foto di Simona Cesaroni

Elisa Antonelli

Sales and Acquisitions Executive

Elisa developed a passion for the cinema as a child and never lost it.

She studied  Cinema at university and joined the tv industry a sales and acquisition executive in 2008.

In 2013, she came to GA&A to scout and distribute international documentaries for the Italian market and has transferred her passion for the silver screen to the tv one.

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext.: 265
mob: +39 334 1536341
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: elisa.antonelli@gaea.it
Foto di Elisa Antonelli

Giulia Salimbeni

Sales Coordinator

Giulia Salimbeni joined the GA&A Distribution Unit in 2019 after 3 years of programming at Fox Italy. Officially, she is the sales coordinator but also so much more. She is the conduit between the Production and the Distribution Units.

She takes care of updating and nourishing the company’s website, LinkedIn, ImdB profile and Wikipedia. She also takes care of web marketing and campaigns on social media, always ready to use her skills to conquer perfect layouts for sales papers and production projects.

tel: +39063613480 ext.: 225
mob: +393357518779
mob: +39063614042
mob: giulia.salimbeni@gaea.it
Foto di Giulia Salimbeni

Petra Candelas

Post-sale coordinator

Born in Spain but with an Italian heart, Petra joins GA & A first in 1992, before returning permanently in 1996.

Since 2000 she is in charge of the management of technical and promotional materials, contacts with laboratories.

And if you want a good recipe for an authentic "paella" or a "gazpacho", Petra is willing to email it to you.

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext.: 202
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: petra.candelas@gaea.it
Foto di Petra Candelas


Gioia Marchetti

Producer - Head of Development

She studied English and Russian at school for interpreters / translators and began working for several film productions, doing translations of stories and scripts for film, working as an interpreter on set.

Her passion for documentaries starts when she starts working for GA & A at the end of 1995. Since then, thanks to a good dose of enthusiasm and multi-tasking abilities, she has worked in all areas dealing with distribution in Italy and abroad, acquisitions and production. And more, but they told me to be brief...

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext.: 214
mob: +39 335 7518780
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: gioia.marchetti@gaea.it
Foto di Gioia Marchetti

Carlo Ghiani

Researcher and Producer

Graduated in Political Science and Communication, Carlo is GA&A researcher.

Always riding his bike, Carlo is an avid Detective novel reader, and loves good music. He thinks he’s some sort of Instagram food influencer, always cooking up some sort of culinary experiment. When in doubt, never ask him for recipes.

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext.: 264
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: carlo.ghiani@gaea.it
Foto di Carlo Ghiani

Sofia Qyvalar Peri

New Media Development

Sofia Qyvalar Peri brings a dynamic edge to the table with her expertise in new media and technology.

Her passion for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and interactive storytelling is infectious and has helped keep the Production Unit one step ahead of any trend.

With her innovative ideas and forward-thinking approach, Sofia has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the ever-evolving world of media and technology.

tel: +39 06 3613840 - ext. 213
mob: +39 335 8713585
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: sofia.peri@gaea.it
Foto di Sofia Qyvalar Peri

Haykel Krifa

Production Assistant

A certified, 100% Roman of Tunisian origin, he arrived in GA&A in 2011 with a degree in International Commerce and a big heart. He handles Traffic for Sales material.

He’s passionate about his favourite TV series, good food, and loves to relax with a fishing rod by the water

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext. 232
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: haykel.krifa@gaea.it
Foto di Haykel Krifa


Monica Coppa

Accounting department

Not everything that can be counted, counts

and not everything that counts, can be counted.

Both Monica - Accounting Executive of GA&A since 2001 - and Albert Einstein believe this, so we should!

tel: +39 06 3613480 ext.: 217
mob: +39 06 3614042
mob: monica.coppa@gaea.it
Foto di Monica Coppa