Sofia counts and while she  counts she changes.

She is 28 and her life is only now exploding, with lightness and terror.

Sofia counts the days, and while counting  she pushes a name away, a dull sound that disturbs and leaves her grasping for air, if pronounced out loud.

E. was born on 7 June 1990. Beautiful, strong, healthy.

E. vanished definitively on November 14, 2018. In the middle, in that indefinite space modeled on fiction, a young woman was forged.

The sweets to be made, a mother and a father who are trying to prove that everything is 'normal'', sweet embrace of friends and a crazy karaoke. Then the fear, the invective, the departure. Sofia flies to Thailand and at the other side of the world she tells us that everything has its beginning and that this is her birth.

And that now she can finally stop counting.

A film written and directed by Silvia Luzi
Photography Luca Bellino
Editing Piero Lassandro
Sound Emanuelle Amanullah Giunti
Sound editing and mix Giancarlo Rutigliano
Format DCP 2K scope
Length 83’
Produced by Gioia Avvantaggiato
GA&A Productions Productionù

Festivals: Biografilm Festival 2019, Omovies 2019, The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival 2019, PRIFEST 2019, HRFFA International Human Rights Film Festival 2019

People & Society / Feature Length / Human Interest
Written and directed by Silvia Luzi
Italian / English / French
Production Company
Gioia Avvantaggiato. A GA&A Productions Production.
Year of production

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