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Annalisa Losacco
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All Sotries di Annalisa Losacco
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Halfway to Norway, straddling the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, Shetland is the wildest place in United Kingdom and even getting there is not always easy.
The life of its inhabitants is ruled by the sudden changes in the weather: strong winds alternate with thick fog.
People live in perfect harmony with wildlife: dozens of seals nap in white sandy bays; puffins flaunt their beauty before the islands’ artists, daring them to ach for their brushes and scalpels; colonies of large gannets, nesting on Noss cliffs, offer one of the most fantastic experiences to be found in Nature anywhere in the world.
Shetland is well renowned for its famous wool and across the archipelago, lots of people knit and work with wool in the most creative ways.
Especially on little Fair Isle, which has given its name to a now world-famous pattern.
Thousands of sheep inhabit the treeless landscapes of these islands, walking the impressive cliffs and even traipsing down to the white beaches.
Here, people have a sparkle in their eyes, they smile with their heart, making Shetland a very special place.
Anyone who’s been to Shetland sooner or later will come back again!