Baia, the Atlantis of Rome

Vesuvius submerged Pompeii with fire and Baia with water. Just a few km from Naples, Baia, the city of luxury and hedonistic pleasure of the Roman Empire, is the largest submerged archaeological site on the planet. It is located inside the caldera of the Phlegrean Fields, a supervolcano currently on orange alert. A team of restorers,  unique in the world, has the arduous task of restoring and preserving this wonder.

Audience Award at Maremma Archeofilm 2023, Aquileia Film Festival 2023, ArcheocineMANN 2022, Festival international du film d'archéologie de Nyon - FIFAN 2023; Arkeolan Foundation Award at FICAB Festival 2021; Student Award tl RAN - Festival Rencontres d'Archéologie de la Narbonnaise 2022

Official selection at Firenze Archeofilm Festival 2023, SUBCAM Archéologie 2022, Archaeology Film Festival-ICRONOS 2022, Licodia Eubea Archaeological Communication and Film Festival 2022, Bellaria Film Festival 2021, RAM Film Festival Rovereto 2021

Art / Storia / Archeology
Marcello Adamo
Italian / English / French
Production Company
GA & A Productions and Filmare
Year of production

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