'O Museo

Just inside the Naples Archaeological Museum (MANN), one of the world's oldest and most important cultural institutions for the richness and uniqueness of its heritage including the world’s largest collection of deposits from nearby Pompeii, there is a most unusual exibit: a showcase celebrating the local football team winning the championship. A caption reads “The MANN celebrates a masterpiece season!". It is a symbol of the unique relationships between the Museum, and the city of Naples. Sacred and Profane, unique artworks and popular culture: these elements are forever bonded in the two souls of Naples, the heart of the South, and a city with no equals in the world.


Since 2015 the MANN has been not just a museum, but also a point of reference for the city of Naples, a cultural and anthropological centre that bridges archaeology and society, embracing the underpriviledged Forcella and Sanità neighbourhoods, which the Museum aims to revitalize. Between history and modernity, we will tell the life and social role of 'O Museo - as the Neapolitans call it - on its journey to become the Museum of the Future and the point of reference for one of the world's most beloved cities.

Art / Culture / Music
Vanni Gandolfo
Production Company
GA&A Productions in collaborazione con Rai Cultura
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